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Connection is key


  • Satellites Chart: Please note that while the above total adds to 26 satellites, Mascom operates an additional 3 for internal company use.


  • Mascom, delivering communications since 1973.

    Established in 1973 by Sanjay Masrani in India, Mascom was the satellite television pride of Asia - streaming over 45 channels up until 1992. After the untimely passing of its founder, Simon Masrani then took to the helm and guided his father's company further than it had ever been previously. By establishing a setup in cellular connectivity, Mascom was able to expand across the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, and Asian markets - from Dubai to Shanghai.

    Today Mascom represents worldwide digital communication. In a world full of televisions, radios, mobile phones, satellite phones, internet, and navigation systems, you can be sure that somewhere and somehow the information you are receiving has come through one of the twenty-nine Mascom satellites circumnavigating the globe from Earth's exospheric layer. At Mascom, we are all about connecting you further. Connection is key.


  • Lead Network Engineer: James McClure, of the Mascom Network, stands inside Mascom's latest telecommunications facility in San José, Costa Rica.


  • Mascom leads the way for global networking.

    The Mascom family has been the longest running sector of Masrani. Established in 1973 with the birth of the company it has gone on to conquer the world with its advancements in communications. From utilizing the concept of fiber-optic communications systems back in 1979, reshaping the satellite phone industry in the 1990s, to bringing the world its first holographic mobile smart phone with the Tanius 7; Mascom has connected the world establishing itself as a leader of the avant-garde.

    “Mascom has always had the difficult task of being the old and the new,” says Mascom Lead Network Engineer James McClure. “It may be our oldest venture but it's one which is extremely up-to-date, mainly because we’re the ones who connect all the other enterprises, without Mascom everything would fall apart. It’s an honor to lead this current team and count my name amongst so many brilliant visionaries and inventors. If the Tanius 7 is the shape of things to come, its going to be a bright future.”

    The Tanius 7 smart phone is now six months away from release. Mascom are proud to announce a 30% rise in preorders compared to 2012’s Tanius 6J. There has been an overwhelming response to the new model, since it’s announcement in June of this year, the world is gearing up for the next step in personal communication. #TanStyle


Mascom Services


Mascom is all about connectivity. Whether that be through our 185 satellite television channels that we have been providing to the globe since 1973, or through our roaming cellular and satellite phone networks, now available in 31 countries. Mascom is all about connecting you further.


Thanks to the Centaurus range of satellites launched by Mascom in 2007, GPS navigation has never been more precise. With five state of the art satellites using built-in Centaurus technology, today's aircraft navigation systems have been able to operate more effectively than their predecessors.


Real-time updates for media are an integral part of satellite communication, and Mascom makes no exception. With up to date weather using Mascom available on-demand, global news networks are able to stream directly from satellite feed, giving the user the best weather access in the world.


Mascom also offers surveillance capabilities for government national interests. Mascom has been able to cater to the on-demand requirements of many national interests. Using real-time tracking and Mascom-HD technology, finding the needle in the haystack has never been easier.