• InGen Security: An Asset Containment Unit officer stands watch at Isla Nublar's Jurassic World.


  • InGen Security. Direct. Alert. Safe.

    "There is a reason why we have the safest theme park in the world. We’ve hired the best field professionals in every discipline to ensure Jurassic World’s success — that includes security." - Simon Masrani

    From innovations in drone technology to the introduction of cold-signature mapping in satellite surveillance, InGen Security has been at the forefront of peacekeeping and contingency services in every corner of the world over the last decade.

    Headed by Mr. Vic Hoskins, InGen Security has evolved from a once small, private service into a vibrant multi-national security organization of the highest caliber. Vehicle modifications and military training are just some of the operations at the very core of the company’s expertise.

    "Becoming a part of the InGen Security team is something to aspire to”, says Hugh Winchester — Director of InGen Security’s Training Division. “We train cadets from the ground level and turn them into fully-certified military personnel who can handle themselves in unique combat situations."

    With a decade of excellence awards for safety, the security teams at InGen have a strict understanding of the environment and risks behind operating the world’s greatest theme park. Protected by a trained force, state-of-the-art equipment and Mascom-inspired communication technology, your visit to Jurassic World will be a treasured and secure experience.



  • Head of Security: Mr. Vic Hoskins, of InGen, has overseen redevelopment of the company's security standards and protocols to make InGen a recognized name amongst leading global paramilitary organizations.


  • InGen Security: No Laughing Matter.

    With the number of reported Central American poaching vessels increasing in the Meurtes Archipelago over the last year, InGen’s security division, headed by Vic Hoskins, has been busy ramping up operations in the Gulf of Fernandez.

    "We don’t have the capacity to take things for granted around here”, Vic says. “While some of our work is assisting the staff at Jurassic World, we also have a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to monitor activity on Isla Nublar and its neighboring islands."

    Poachers have been known to risk their own lives working in the service of ruthless collectors. It has also been reported that some individuals have been responsible for mishandling captured specimens, with disturbing hospitalization cases on the Costa Rican mainland.

    "This area of the world is controlled by a multi-national coalition, and our Asset Containment teams spearhead keeping this region safe and protected. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment and communication technology provided through partnerships with various Masrani Global subsidiaries, we can do just that."

    A seasoned security contractor, Vic Hoskins was involved in overseeing the infamous flying reptile "cleanup" operation over Canada in 2001. Due to the professionalism his team displayed, he was hired personally by Simon Masrani to re-develop InGen’s Security Division, which helped oversee the protection of workers on Isla Nublar during Jurassic World’s construction.

    Since 2012, Vic Hoskins has been actively involved in overseeing InGen Security’s IBRIS Project.


Our Mission


InGen Security has placed a high importance in the role of peacekeeping. In its personalized training program, officers are taught on the philosophy of political impartiality. InGen peacekeepers further provide security and political support to help countries and regions make the challenging, initial progression from conflict to peace.

"Peacekeeping isn't just about the political environment", InGen Head of Security - Vic Hoskins adds. "Through our partnership with the United Nations Security Council, we have been able to focus on the protection of civilians, human rights, and environmental sustainability in the numerous-affected regions we have been involved in."

Drone Operation

Since 2007, InGen Security have been developing drone technology with Masrani Global subsidary Aerospace Dynamix and the Mascom Network. Through innovative efforts in wing-design and real-time communications, InGen's CT-model drones have already caught the attention of the G20-major economies.

"In the last 10 years, warfare has changed on a larger scale than any time in humankind's recorded history", says Aerospace Dynamix CEO - Louis Mercier. "The ground soldier is becoming less of a major player out in the battlefield. Armies are investing more in drones and robotics as we see a shift in the methodologies of warfare."

Contingency Services

Unpredictability is the only circumstance that is certain in any dangerous conflict or combat situation, and InGen Security heavily prides itself in this regard. Led by seasoned security contractor Vic Hoskins, InGen's quality, risk management, and contingency have seen reform in the areas of weapons manufacturing, vehicle modifications, and military training.

"Never undervalue the power of a 'Plan B', for it can mean the difference between resolution or disaster", says InGen Strategist - Drew Leggett. "Whether science, business, or security, contingency services should never be underestimated. What we have in 2015 is a lot different to what we had in 1992, and we are much better for it."