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  • Masrani is one of the world's most successful corporations, with portfolios in both the commercial and industrial sectors and services spanning telecommunications, oil production, biological engineering, and construction. Generating a total profit of over $800 million in the 2014 fiscal year, Masrani can credit vision and innovation in its successes over the last two decades with CEO Simon Masrani at the helm.

    Since the Masrani Global Corporation's NASDAQ market debut in 2000, Masrani has witnessed growth to over 70,000 team members, 250,000 shareholders from all across the world, and a list of stakeholders growing every day. Masrani is a significant global employer and CEO Simon Masrani has led from the top through acts of philanthropy and community engagement.

    Investors have much to gain with the Masrani Corporation. Being one of NASDAQ 100 and Fortune 500 companies, 2014 saw a share price index increase of 13.2% from Q1 to Q4. With the world's best market analysts driving the corporation’s financial sectors, you can be assured that you're investing in the future with Masrani.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Simon Masrani reflects on an encouraging start to the 2014-15 financial year.

CEO's Message

  • As one of the leading Fortune 500 companies, Masrani Global has continued to advance and excel in major markets around the world. America, Asia, Europe and Australasia, no region has been left untouched. Having overseen a magnificent year in our two leading fields - namely genetics and research & development - we have set our sights on improving on new horizons.

    Since its inauguration in 2005, Jurassic World has captivated millions around the globe. By 2015 we are expecting our 10 millionth visitor to Isla Nublar. For investors, that spells success.

    What does 2015 hold? We have a world-class genetics and research and development team who have some ideas that will take genetics to the next level. Using InGen technology, combined with Masrani innovation, the world is ours to make and enjoy. I wish all of you the best as we head into a new era.


  • Last 4 FY Profit: Masrani Corporation profit in millions of dollars.

  • 2014 Profit: Per industry in millions of dollars.

FY2014 Report

  • The Masrani Global Corporation posted one the most successful years in its history during the 2014 financial year, thanks in large part to investments in more sustainable energy technologies early in Q2. Now the world's 12th richest company, Masrani Global entered the 2015 fiscal year valued at 562.15 billion dollars.

    Despite Masrani Oil's L-12 hiccup in August, 2014 was a year for investors to largely celebrate. Starting off Q1 with a share price index of $159.12, Masrani Global (NASDAQ: MSRN) continued its steady rise ending the year on a high of $180.12 after a series of innovative technological approaches. For the eighth year in a row, Masrani Global showed why it is one of the world's safest investments - with a net profit of 822.38 million dollars and a positive share price index increase of 13.2% over FY2014.

    Simon Masrani was optimistic on the future prospects of the workforce. "We recently set up the Masrani scholarship program, which has assisted top graduates find positions within our companies all over the world", he said from Masrani's recently renovated offices in Shanghai. "We encourage our interns to think with fresh and open minds. If someone has a good idea, it needs to be nurtured. Some of the world's most successful ventures have come from young talent who just hung onto one unique idea. This is where the true future investment of Masrani lays."

    2014 saw the continued investment of assets within the industrial (Masrani Oil, Timack Construction) and technological (InGen, Tatsu Technology) fields. While the overall intention was to focus on new technologies, sharing of information across subsidiaries was the underlying philosophy.

    "Last year was one of scientific advancement", said Mr. Richard Wiesner, COO of Masrani Global. "We witnessed various subsidiaries working with each other to bring about the most exciting innovations the world has yet to see. Mascom launched satellites carrying Tatsuo processors, Analysys provided data that helped Medixal drive innovative healthcare, and Axis Boulder helped Masrani Oil make advances in sustainability."

    Dr. Henry Wu, Lead Geneticist of InGen Technologies, was also excited about the future prospects of Jurassic World. Speaking from a scientific convention in Chicago, he said, "Thanks to the changing nature of genetics and the limitless power of the human imagination, we can now push boundaries that were once considered to be decades away."

    Wiesner credited Jurassic World's latest success to Simon Masrani's recent announcement of the new Indominus rex attraction. “Since opening we've seen online bookings skyrocket” he explained. “2015 is going to be a fantastic year for Jurassic World."

    InGen Technologies temporarily closed down two of its mines in Argentina to focus on its Martel expedition in Siberia, a move that has so far yielded an abundance of highly preserved carcasses. Despite the exciting finds, Dr. Henry Wu has held back on speculating whether Jurassic World might be including recreated assets from the Cenozoic Era. "Right now we are focused on the construction of the world's most complete genomic library", Dr. Wu reiterated. "But if the world tells us that's what they want to see, we're more than prepared."

  • FY2013 Report


FY2013 Report

What They Are Saying

Following in the footsteps of my father to make his company into a global corporation has been a lifelong goal. I have nothing but the investors of this company to thank, for they have joined me in this vision.

Simon Masrani - Chief Executive Officer, Masrani

The success that this company has given back to its investors has been incredible. It is something that other companies strive to replicate, but often can't deliver. Masrani has set new investment standards.

Richard Wiesner - Chief Operations Officer, Masrani

The pleasure it gives me to see that with every building we construct is another addition to help the global economy is greatly satisfying. With 8,000 workers, we all look forward to building the future.

Anthony Leigh - Director of Operations, Timack Construction

With Masrani Energy in Abu Dhabi, our workers come from diverse backgrounds with diverse skills, all towards one common goal - to build on the success of the Masrani corporation.

Jennifer Oliver - HR Manager, Masrani Energy