Lighting your future


  • Masrani Energy Assets Chart: The Masrani Energy Industries figures above are represented in billions of dollars.


  • Masrani Energy, powering the world's energy sector.

    Established in the heart of Abu Dhabi, a port-city sitting in the middle of three continents, Masrani Energy has been sharing its resources to the rest of the world since 1996. In just a matter of less than a decade, Masrani Energy has seen its services expand from crude oil, natural gas production off the western coast of Australia, right through to the natural energy sources - namely wind, solar, and hydroelectric.

    Today Masrani Energy powers an estimated 21% of the world's transportation sector - from automobiles, trucks and diesel trains to passenger aircraft. You can be rest assured that if your fuel is Masrani Energy, then you have invested in a company that is looking towards the future of sustainability in the energy sector. Masrani Energy - Lighting your future.


  • Director of Operations: Bakri Sarraf, of Masrani Energy, gives a private demonstration to investors in Abu Dhabi highlighting Masrani's latest sustainability measures.


  • Masrani Energy continues to set profit records.

    Over the last 18 years, Masrani Energy has evolved from a regional enterprise bringing the Arabian and Indian oil industries together, to a global provider of traded petroleum. We operate in most of the world’s countries making products to fuel cites, transportation, and offer petrochemical ingredients that lead to hundreds of thousands of useful results.

    "Rest assured if you drive, captain or command, you’ll be using Masrani Energy to do so", says Bakri Sarraf, Director of Operations at Masrani Energy's headquarters in Abu Dhabi. "We fuel 21% of the world’s transportation sector with plans to work with our competitors in order to help shape a future we can all be proud of. We aim to average a $125 billion per year investment from 2015 through to 2030, building upon our well established name."

    Despite being one of the youngest oil companies in the world, Masrani Energy has defined itself as a force to be reckoned with, and its investors could not be any happier. With Masrani stock increasing ten-fold in just the first five years alone after the establishment of Masrani Oil in 1996, it is no surprise why Masrani Energy is seen as the shining light of the Masrani empire.


Alternative Energies

Wind Energy

With an experimental wind energy trials set up in 1998, Masrani Energy has since been establishing wind energy farms across the world as a clean and efficient energy source. The Cerberus Array off the coast of the United Kingdom is one such example. Having been commissioned in 2013 the array currently powers 450MW of electricity from 120 turbines.

With a further $48 million invested in blade architecture in 2014, Masrani's Aerospace Dynamix team have been closely looking at the future of 3-bladed wind turbines. Having just been commissioned to provide wind-power solutions to South Africa, the Phillipines, and the south-west of Australia, the timing could not be more suitable.

Solar Energy

With millions of investment in nanotechnological solar cell research, Masrani Energy has looked to be the leading provider of solar energy in the mid-21st century. By using the sun's natural radiant light and heat, Masrani has been able to establish a powerful solar research grid in China with several leading universities.

Masrani has a long-term goal of establishing solar energy in several major cities. "Solar energy has the most outstanding energy potential compared to all other energy sources", Bakri Sarraf explains. "We have a lot of sun here in the Middle East, so I don't see why one day businesses or even cars in Abu Dhabi can't be running purely off solar."

Hydroelectric Energy

Using the power of water and gravity, Masrani Energy has been able to provide clean energy to cities from the power of hydroelectric dams in Europe since 2004. The Schwarz Dam in Germany, recently acquired by Masrani's Alternative Energies division, is one such supplier of energy with an incredible 2,000MW capacity.

The productivity of a dam is not always about the capacity of water-flow, which is why Axis Boulder engineers are working closely with Masrani Energy to engage in revolutionary hydroelectric turbines. The future of Masrani turbines will enable current dams to generate more electricity to meet the demand of the growing consumer population.